She graduated from the University of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań. She has completed numerous courses in the field of face care and aesthetic cosmetology. She is fascinated with body shaping and face remodeling. For her, cosmetology is not only a profession, but the greatest passion in life. During your visit with Izabella, you can count on a nice and friendly atmosphere. Her domain is a comprehensive approach to each client.



She graduated in cosmetology from the University of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań. She is a very accurate and precise person, which translates into customer satisfaction, which she cares about the most. This is the main goal of her work, which gives Zuzanna a great sense of satisfaction and joy from her profession. She fulfills herself in permanent make-up, and her artistic sensitivity and accuracy stems from her passion for painting and photography. She is characterized by a constant willingness to develop and gain experience in the field of body and face treatments using the latest technologies.



She graduated from the University of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań. She is an experienced cosmetologist in the field of facial treatments. She is constantly improving her qualifications on many courses and trainings. She is motivated by self-improvement, effectiveness and customer satisfaction! In her free time, she broadens her knowledge by reading scientific articles on cosmetology and learning the secrets of sewing on a sewing machine.



She graduated from the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań. She also holds a bachelor's degree in dietetics from the University of Natural Sciences. Thanks to the knowledge she has gained, she combines these two fields. Remember! A proper diet is not only the basis for body shaping, but also helps to keep the skin in good condition. She feels best performing laser therapy, face rejuvenation and body contouring treatments.



She has been involved in cosmetology since 2010. Work is her greatest passion. She approaches each client individually. She tries to get to know the clients' needs and makes them feel comfortable. She follows all the cosmetic novelties and takes part in numerous trainings. The greatest satisfaction for her is a returning customer and their satisfaction. Outside of work, she is passionate about mountain trips.



She graduated from the University of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań. She specializes in facial care treatments. She is interested in and constantly deepens her knowledge in the field of slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. She thoroughly addresses every skin type, problem and expectations. She arranges an individual action plan and post-treatment care so that everyone feels satisfied with the treatment and the final results.



Cosmetologist with 14 years of experience. She analyses each problem both from the point of view of care and the selection of the most effective technologies. At our institute, she deals primarily with body shaping and face lifting technologies. Building treatment packages is based on her experience gained during several years of work with clients. The moments when the effects of clients are much better than intended at the very beginning bring her the greatest satisfaction.



A student of cosmetology at the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University. She is characterized by calmness and gentleness, which allows her clients to calm down after a tiring day. Her greatest satisfaction comes from the satisfaction and relaxation of her customers. She is fascinated by treatments with the use of modern technologies that bring spectacular results. She is characterized by the desire to gain knowledge and experience in order to achieve the best possible effects of therapy.



A cosmetologist by education and passion. She is characterized by a constant desire to develop and improve her qualifications. She is mainly interested in body contouring treatments, face care and those that will slow down the passage of time.



A cosmetologist by education and passion.

A good listener by nature, professional, open-minded, always smiling. She likes challenges, but above all, she strives for perfection in every area. She is ambitious and constantly hungry for knowledge, absorbs every piece of information about cosmetology and willingly shares what she knows.



She has been involved in cosmetology for 12 years. Treatments
with the use of laser technologies on the face and body are among her favorites. She nurtures the well-being of customers by meeting their expectations of slowing down the passage of time.



She has been an active cosmetologist and masseuse for 12 years. Her work is her passion, she performs every little treatment with great attention
and focus. The biggest reward for her is a smile and customer satisfaction
from the results achieved.



I am a graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. As a cosmetologist, I am very meticulous. I am constantly improving my qualifications in order to take care of the needs of my clients in the best possible way. I love working in the healthy aging trend, because I believe that only a holistic approach to therapy will achieve maximum, long-term effects. Privately, I love mountain hiking and cooking.



A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań in the field of physiotherapy. She specializes in massages and body technologies. The greatest satisfaction for her is a relaxed and smiling customer. Empathetic, cheerful and always helpful. In her free time, she loves to go for walks with her dog Pedri.



Physiotherapist with a passion for cosmetology. She has developed her own style by combining many techniques. A supporter of combined therapies in body shaping to achieve maximum results. She is curious about various manual therapies as well as technological novelties. Empathetic, she enjoys working with other people.



A graduate of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences. A physiotherapist who is passionate about relaxing and therapeutic massages. Her satisfaction is a satisfied and relaxed customer. Cheerful, with a sense of humour, bringing smiles to faces. In her free time, she reads books, draws, and takes photographs.



I am a person who always smiles with positive energy, which I try to infect others with. I value empathy and honesty in people. I'm happy to help others. I'm committed to my work and try to do it to the best of my ability. Privately, a mother of two wonderful boys, a lover of Scandinavian crime novels, running and mountain hiking. A🏂 big fan of football⚽️ and ski jumping.



She is a very positive person with a positive approach to life. She never gives up. She loves people and working with clients. Always committed, responsible and willing to help. A friendly atmosphere at work is a priority for her. In her free time, she walks and rides a bike.



The heart of the reception. Full of grace and personal charm, always smiling, extremely committed
and competent. A woman
with her heart on her sleeve, loved by customers and the entire team.



A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz in the field of Cosmetology. Experienced trainer, passionate about modern technologies
in aesthetic medicine. An efficient organizer, constantly improving her skills.







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