Anti-Age Facial Massage

During the treatment, the oil of the African argan tree is used. It contains a large amount of tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids. The massage nourishes the skin and effectively rejuvenates, tightens and moisturizes it.

Cosmolifting - Japanese facial massage

It combines techniques of traditional Japanese massage, acupressure and lymphatic drainage. Thanks to this massaging technique, the skin of the face is smooth and firm. The massage induces a state of relaxation and relaxation, and the effects are similar to surgical therapy. In a non-invasive and extremely relaxing way, you can get rid of both the first signs of aging and advanced wrinkles. An additional effect of the massage is the effect on the psyche, reduction of stress and the feeling of fatigue.

Hoolywood facelift

Hoolywood lifting is a multi-stage face massage aimed at detoxification, better blood circulation and firming of the skin. The massage takes place in five stages. The first one consists of drainage, which is designed to improve lymph circulation, which effectively counteracts swelling and helps to get rid of toxins from the body. The second part is based on movements from the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, and its aim is to relax the muscles, relax and introduce an atmosphere of deep relaxation. The last stage partially replicates the relaxing movements from the Lomi Lomi massage, but is enriched with additional massage techniques responsible, among other things, for increasing blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues. An additional advantage is total relaxation, well-being and contentment. The massage is performed on oil and essential oils of the highest quality.

Kobido - Japanese Face Lift

It is a special form of massage. It is a ritual that follows specific rules. It comes from the tradition of Chinese medicine. Through its complexity and intensity of techniques, it works on the deeper layers of our skin and muscles. Kobido is one of the most difficult massage techniques in Japan. It contains the largest number and the most complicated combinations of manual techniques, which in the end give spectacular results. Slow movements are designed to relax and unwind the massaged person, while quick, decisive and deep movements are designed to stimulate the skin and the production of ingredients necessary to achieve a lifting effect. After the massage, we feel relaxed, we release toxins from the skin, stimulate the work of nerves, skin and muscles. The result is a natural facelift.

Red Wine Massage

It is a nourishing treatment in which the masseur performs a massage on a red wine mask. The treatment adds firmness to the skin, improves its smoothness and circulation. The massage ends with a cup of warming tea or a glass of red wine, which additionally has a relaxing effect on the body.

Gold Wealth Massage

It is a luxurious treatment using golden nectar
with gold particles. The massage smoothes, restores velvetiness to the skin and relaxes and relaxes. After the treatment, the skin is full of radiance.

Candle Massage

During the treatment, a candle is used, the wax of which gradually turns into an aromatic, warm oil, with the use of which a relaxing massage is performed. The treatment restores the skin’s extraordinary softness, thanks to the content of beeswax, soybean oil and pure essential oils, and the relaxed body is enveloped in a sensual fragrance.

author's Relaxation Massage

It is a gentle and relaxing body massage combined with a soothing head massage, in which fragrance oils are used: ginger, violet, almond, cinnamon or lemon. The treatment allows for deep calming, calming the senses and reducing stress.

Shea Butter Massage

Shea butter has extraordinary nutritional properties. The massage is dedicated to people with dry and delicate skin. The treatment restores its smoothness, intensively moisturizes and deeply relaxes. Butter comes in several sensual fragrances.

Bamboo Stick Massage - NEW

Feel the power of an intensive massage performed with specially designed bamboo sticks. Rubbing and rolling them on the skin leads to the creation of an electrical potential, giving a powerful boost of energy. Massage increases the elasticity of muscles and tendons, removes toxins from the body and relieves fatigue.

Balinese massage

It is an intensive, compressive massage of the whole body. It is a combination of ancient relaxation methods from China and India It combines elements of acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology and Ayurveda. This massage is an excellent form of mental and physical relief, which will help to get rid of muscle pain, back pain and migraine symptoms.

Spine Pain Relief Massage - NEW

A massage that combines the most effective therapeutic and physiotherapeutic techniques to reduce pain in the spine

Trigger Point Massage - NEW

Therapeutic massage with strong tissue relaxation and analgesic effect. Ideal for people who have a sedentary job, live under stress or have posture defects.


It is an exfoliating treatment that allows for maximum smoothing of the skin and its hydration. After the treatment, the skin regains its freshness and full radiance. Depending on the season, you can choose from different fragrance versions



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