Muscle stimulation and stimulation


It is a state-of-the-art device for non-invasive body contouring by building and stimulating muscles. During the procedure, intense muscle contractions are triggered by Focused Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), which also causes lipolysis in fat cells.
This treatment can successfully replace training at the gym. Fast and frequent contractions result in muscle strengthening and growth – In a 30-minute session, there are between 20,000 and 60,000 muscle contractions.

Stimulated muscles increase blood flow and there is a local increase in metabolism. The device is designed for shaping of: arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks. The best results are achieved in a series of 8 treatments, performed 2-3 times a week.

Effects of the treatment

  • Building and toning muscles
  • Firming and smoothing of the skin
  • Reduction of body fat
  • Increase muscle endurance

Recommendation by celebrities

Recommendation by celebrities

Watch the video

Watch the video

Did you know?

The treatment shapes the body, improves muscle endurance and burns fat just like during training. One treatment lasts 20-30 minutes, during which there are 24,000 muscle contractions/tensions. The best results are achieved after a series of 6-8 treatments with an interval of 3-4 days between treatments. During the procedure, the cosmetologist chooses a program individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Recommendations after the procedure

To enhance the effects of the treatment, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and supplement with SLIMBODY TREATMENT.

Contraindications to the treatment
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • neoplastic diseases
  • pacemaker or other electrical appliances
  • active herpes
  • metal implants in the body
  • diseases of the nervous system, status epilepticus, seizure disorders
  • heart diseases
  • anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, antibiotics, steroids,



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