The treatment is carried out using a Zaffiro head made of noble sapphire glass, which emits deep infrared radiation. Heated and irritated in this way, collagen fibers shrink to their original length. During the treatment, fibroblasts are also stimulated, thanks to which the skin produces as much as 30% more collagen, which results in an immediate improvement in skin elasticity and density.

The treatment is dedicated to anyone who thinks about improving the condition of the body skin, wants to improve its firmness and elasticity, regardless of age. Thermolifting takes 40-90 minutes. The exact duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area of the body to be treated.

Effects of the treatment

  • tight, supple and radiant skin
  • elimination of skin laxity
  • shrinkage of the skin on the abdomen
  • removal of sagging skin on the inner side of the arms and thighs
  • thickening and rejuvenation of the skin of the cleavage and breasts
  • improvement of the body contour

Recommendation by celebrities

Recommendation by celebrities

Watch the video

Watch the video

Did you know?

Zaffiro is a best-selling lifting treatment. Thanks to the use of an advanced cooling system, the treatment is safe and painless. The first effects are visible immediately after the treatment. It is recommended to perform a series of 4-6 treatments at monthly intervals. The treatment can be performed regardless of the skin phototype, also on tanned skin and skin with vascular problems.

Recommendations after the procedure

To prolong the effects, it is worth performing body treatments with the use of vitamin C.

Contraindications to the treatment
  • pregnancy
  • open wounds
  • Implants
  • neoplastic diseases
  • autoimmune diseases



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