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Accent Prime is one of the most modern methods of effective face modeling and skin lifting. It uses the energy of radio waves and ultrasound of the highest frequency. Cold ultrasound destroys the membrane of adipose tissues, causing them to break down. In contrast, warm ultrasound waves generate a high level of cavitation. The device heats collagen fibers to a temperature of 40-45 degrees, thanks to which the structure of the skin is improved and rebuilt.

Effects of the treatment

  • firming of the facial skin
  • stimulation of fibroblasts to rebuild and produce collagen
  • dense and elastic skin of the neck and cleavage
  • effective reduction of the double chin
  • modeling the contour of the face
  • reduction of drooping cheeks

Recommendation by celebrities

Recommendation by celebrities

Watch the video

Watch the video

Did you know?

The treatment is great for double chin problems and other facial skin laxities. Intensive moisturizing after the treatment is recommended. We recommend a series of 4-8 treatments.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the procedure, it is advisable to drink plenty of water – approx. 2 liters per day. In addition, we recommend deep moisturizing of the skin and giving up hot baths, saunas and physical exercises. It is also recommended to refrain from consuming concentrated alcoholic beverages on the day of the procedure.

Contraindications to the treatment
  • pregnancy
  • lactation
  • infections, inflammation
  • scars and other skin lesions in the treatment area
  • tumors
  • metal implants
  • implanted pacemaker
  • autoimmune skin disease
  • kidney and liver diseases
  • neurovascular disorders
  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis



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