ASCE+ exosomes are an innovative stem cell technology that has been developed as a regenerative and anti-aging therapy.

Exosomes are intercellular vesicles produced by stem cells. They contain lipids, enzymes, growth factors, cytokines, and mRNA proteins surrounded by a cell membrane.

Exosomes are a natural stimulator and penetrate the skin, even without the use of needles. However, it is recommended to combine them with microneedle mesotherapy – Dermapen or fractional laser – IPIXEL.

Exosomes are hypoiummunogenic material (they are completely safe), so they do not induce an immune response in the person using the procedure.

Scientific work on exosomes has been awarded the Nobel Prize.

  1. ASCE+ SRLV is a preparation designed for both the face and the body. It is a freeze-dried powder in combination with an activating complex:

    • 5 growth factors,
    • glutathione
    • 6 peptides,
    • hyaluronic acid,
    • 19 amino acids,
    • 4 growth factors,
    • 4 coenzymes,
    • amino acids
    • vitamins, minerals,
    • minerals.
  2. ASCE+ HRLV is a preparation intended for the treatment of androgenetic and telogen effluvium in women and men. It is a freeze-dried powder in combination with an activating complex – PLURYAL MESOLINE HAIR:

    • 10 Growth Factors for Hair,
    • Noggin, FGF, SCF, TMB4, etc.,
    • 30 kinds of nutrients for hair: biotin, copper tripeptide, etc.


  • skin with poor ability to regenerate,
  • imbalanced skin, with enlarged pores and redness,
  • acne-prone skin with acne scars,
  • sensitive, thin, irritation-prone skin,
  • skin with psoriasis outbreaks,
  • skin with inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea.


  • regenerative therapeutic for skin rejuvenation in aesthetic medicine: improvement of elasticity (stimulation of collagen, elastin), reduction of wrinkles, improvement of color, improvement of hydration,
  • support in the treatment of hypermelanosis – by reducing the melanin content in cells,
  • combination with fractional laser accelerates the regeneration of atrophic treatment of acne scars by shortening the client’s recovery time,
  • accelerates wound healing and reduces the formation of scars after surgical procedures,
  • adjunctive therapy for atopic dermatitis – relieves severe inflammation and supports the reconstruction of the skin barrier,
  • HRLV – treatment of androgenetic and telogen effluvium in women and men.

Recommendation by celebrities

Recommendation by celebrities

Watch the video

Watch the video

Did you know?

These small vesicles contain various biomolecules such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Thanks to them, exosomes act as information transmitters, carrying signals from stem cells to other cells. Their importance in research has been appreciated so much that they have been awarded the Nobel Prize three times



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