Plasma IQ is a smart solution for non-invasive eyelid lifting, using micro-plasma beams that shrink and lift the skin in the treated area. The treatment is performed point-by-point, millimeter by millimeter, to achieve the best possible results, without damaging the basal layer of the dermis, without bleeding and without damaging the surrounding tissues.

The non-invasive eyelid lift procedure is recommended for every woman who does not want to undergo surgery, but who wants to rejuvenate, improve the appearance and features of her face, and get an attractive, radiant look.

Effects of the treatment

  • reduction of excess skin around the eyes
  • correction of drooping eyelids
  • reduction of “smoker” wrinkles
  • reduction of fine wrinkles
  • reduction of skin laxity
  • radiant gaze
  • tightened and toned skin around the eyes

Recommendation by celebrities

Recommendation by celebrities

Watch the video

Watch the video

Did you know?

The procedure is minimally painful and non-invasive. The effect is visible after the first treatment. Depending on the need, it is recommended to perform a series of 2-3 treatments. The treatment does not cause inflammation, so you can immediately return to normal activities. After the procedure, only small scabs and local swelling or redness may occur.

Recommendations after the procedure

We recommend using creams that accelerate skin regeneration and reduce redness.

Contraindications to the treatment
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding period
  • neoplastic diseases

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